The Noble Ugli

Our grocery store's produce section has a small space devoted to bizarre stuff. I have a tendency to linger and today I decided that I desperately needed to eat an Ugli. This wasn't my first, but the cashier got a kick out of it and I haven't blogged for a bit, so I figured, "Hey, lets get as much mileage out of this weirdo abomination as we can."

Here we go, care and handling of an Ugli.

They're big, but I must admit my reference apple is kinda small.

Its a cross between a grapefruit and an orange - all you've got to do is get the husk (I think of it as an armored exoskeleton) off.

When in doubt, always decapitate.

After you get him stabbed, you can pretty much just rip the top off. These things peel easy. At this point you may notice a curious lime smell. This makes perfect sense because Ugli's are green.

Then just keep right on tearin'.

These things have a lot of husk per unit fruit. Quite a lot of plain old empty space too. They're satisfying to yank apart.

Bonus points if the skin stays in tact.

With its armored exoskeleton removed, the Ugli can no longer rely on its superior technology for protection. Divide and munch.

I spared the apple so it could tell its story to the other fruit.

Despite the limey smell, it does in fact taste like a mild sort of a grapefruit.


Evelyn said…
I enjoyed your blog on the Ugli, Charlie. I want to get one and have it for a snack.

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