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Today I learned what my political philosophy was! It turns out I'm a moderate libertarian liberal. It's kind of a boring spot on the chart, but I like it.

My true spot is at position social=62,economic=52 which is 2 ticks directly up from the red dot. If you take the test, be advised: There is a bug! They reversed the polarity for the question: "Make taxes more progressive?" I noticed when I was auditing my answers to try to figure out why my first economic score (45) leaned socialist. My score shown (and linked) here represents my score after I noticed and corrected for the bug.

I thought it was an good test. You basically decided for each issue whether you support/oppose it for practical reasons or philosophical reasons. To avoid choosing "no opinion" (an answer that would yield no data), I actually had to do research and think (ug). I suspect that most people fall into the moderate box, but all the professional politicians are forced to avoid the moderate box to avoid appearing inconsistent. Very sad. In order to make it fit their handy rubric, they did have to throw out some fairly important crosscutting issues: guns, education, campaign financing, and military funding. I suppose if it comes down to one of those four, then things might be a little easier :)

Bias Warning! I think the rubric and some of the question wording is borrowed from libertarians. Be advised. Here's the link to the test.

In other news, today was KSU vs KU day! It didn't go well. Julie and I headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD) to watch. We left in despair after the first half, but the food was nice. Watching Freeman fumble on the pile at the 6 inch line was ..., well, it was bad.

When we left at halftime, we went to the zoo. Zoo is good. We like zoo. I had been excited to see the new baby giant anteater, but I think I waited long enough that it's now an adolescent giant anteater. I couldn't figure out which was which. All the animals were very active - e.g. the two bald eagles had a tiff while we were there and it was very intimidating.

For Halloween we watched Van Helsing (which I cannot believe only got 5.5 stars at IMDB, the movie is fun!), and handed out candy to no less than 6 trick-or-treaters (adults not included in total). I think this may be a record year for us, we were anticipating 3-4 customers. Fortunately, we purchased enough candy for 50, so were able to handle the rush.


julie said…
Your center box is still good. If you got rid of the center box, you would be in the Libertarian upside-down ice cream cone.
4 Is More said…
Hopefully you sampled an extremely wide range of your candy to make sure it was safe for your trick or treaters.

I adore Halloween candy.

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