Sacramento: Arrival

Julie and I are in Sacramento for the California International Marathon.

It's considered a fast course and Julie is really hoping that she'll sneak in under 3 hours on this one.

We have successfully:

Car to Sleep Inn, Near KCI
Sleep In to KCI
KCI to Denver
Denver to Sacramento
Taxi to Hotel

And now it is Saturday! Saturday is fun day since Julie's race isn't 'till Sunday. We head back to Manhattan Monday morning so this is our big free day of super fun.

Right now, Julie is out for a short run with one of her online runner friends named Elisa (pronounced: "E-lisa", previously we both had her pegged as "E-lIza"). Elisa is here with her mother and we prowled around with them last night and ate dinner.

The hotel room is awesome. It's a suite and has a kitchen. My first question when we walked in the door was, "Ah, can we afford this?" But I don't know if it's the marathon rate or if Sacramento is inexpensive, but it's okay. It's also the first nice hotel I've stayed at that doesn't nickel and dime me to death. There's no $4 bottle of water on the table and the internet is free.

The weather is also very nice. I didn't plan to run on this trip so I didn't pack any of that stuff. Once I was here though, I kinda wished I had brought some stuff. I looked around at the expo (unsuccessfully) for some throwaway shorts and a jacket just so I could go out and have fun in the morning. The expo stuff was more nice that I am good though, so I figured I would go for a walk.

I woke up early this morning (5:30) and made myself a piece of toast in our kitchen and did some fiddling on the internet. I find that I'm very fond of our furnished kitchen. We got groceries at a drug store last night. So far, it's been a very nice place.


4 Is More said…
That is great!! Hope that the run tomorrow goes well. :-) And three cheers for niceness without tacked-on charges for breathing.

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