Sacramento: CIM - The Payload is En Route

We woke up at 4:15 this morning and got Julie down to the buses. The weather is great and Julie's health and morale are both in excellent condition. Julie got on the first bus with some friends and she should arrive at the starting location in perfect time. Pictures follow:

[In the hotel room, Julie gives her gear a final check. The pants and shirt in this picture are doomed to be discarded in the moments before the race.]

[Two slices of peanut butter toast will fuel our athlete through the early hours of the morning. Later, she will switch to high-tech, gel-based, caffeinated food substitutes.]

[In the hotel lobby, Julie attempts to intimidate an opponent with a superior display of her breakfast toast. This is Elisa. She and Julie have been orchestrating training and plans for the race via the internet for months. Elisa's super nice and has an awesome Minnesotan accent. On the other side of the fireplace, 30 or so runners listen to a pre-race pep talk.]

[Our adventurers mosey onto the first available bus bound for the start - Folsom CA. And yes, that's right, the first bus.]

In case you were wondering what Charlie has to do this morning. Here you go:

My job is to walk from the hotel, to the family meeting area at the front steps of the capitol building. The race finishes up L street, then curves into that circle drive between 9th and 10th. Based on my internet analysis, this will be a brisk walk of 0.4 miles (or 0.64 kilometers!).


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