Happy Christmas!

Have a great Christmas everybody! Julie and I are in Wichita today and will be swooping through Chanute before we head back home.

I've been having lots of fun trying to balance fun holiday eating with my current "lose weight, run far" thing. I still have a few weeks of 2-4 mile runs before things start getting serious so a few wierd days won't do too much damage.

You see, the secret is, I've been gearing up for some fancy Julie-style running (I blame Elisa from CIM). We'll see how that emerges in Spring 2009 ;)

However, much more important at the moment is presents. Lots of shiny wonderful presents ... and family! Yeah family and presents. Merry Christmas!


julie said…
Merry Christmas! You're doing very well at your super-secret-ultra plan. :)
4 Is More said…
Merry Christmas to you!! Lots of positive vibes on your Confidential Endeavor.

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