The Return

I was re-arranging the treadmill room last night and found my old 8-bit Nintendo. I owe my Sister an apology. I've been trying to get her to give me the NES for over a year now, but it turned out I had it the whole time. Or, as she repeatedly said, "I don't have it, you have it."

However, none of that matters now because I finally have all of the tools I need to make my Julie happy. Some of you may be guessing what it's for, and you're exactly right. World. Class. Track. Meet. And the power pad works!

[Charlie and Julie race the 100m on the power pad.]

[Julie does her between races dance while she waits to race Bear.]

In the second picture you may notice the X-Box 360 off in the corner - wondering why its not as cool as a 80s era 8-bit system. I don't need no stinking Wii. We actually did work up a serious sweat.

It was kinda funny figuring out how to operate the controls. This cartridge was from the early era of NES games and the control pad conventions were different than they are now. You actually used the [select] button to select stuff and you use the [start] button to confirm things. I was mashing the directional controls and [a] and [b] for a while thinking I had a broken controller.

In other news, I'm very happy with my re-org of the treadmill room.

We've been considering getting a power rack, or in some other way making that room more committed to exercise, and spinning around the treadmill and putting the TV in the nook cleared up lots of space.

I also ordered an adapter cable (below) that will let me plug headphones into the back of the DVD player so we can listen on the treadmill. That's a big deal for Julie because she couldn't previously watch TV while she treadmilled in the mornings because the volume would need to be too loud (so loud it would awaken grumpy Charlie).

[1 x 25 Ft iPod MP3 Stereo Extension Cable = $9.99]

I think we're settling in to our fun holiday week. I do plan to build Julie a desk this week. I've been working out the kinks today. We'll see how that goes.


4 Is More said…
How fun! So what track events are you each champions of?
Pam said…
I feel a certain sense of vendication...however it is awesome that the power pad still works!
julie said…
The PowerPad is awesome! We need to play again and beat Cheetah.
In all fairness, you beat Cheetah in the 100m. I just dropped the ball in the 110m hurdles.

I think it also has triple-jump and long jump, but we haven't really done those yet.

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