Zoo Math Phone

Inexplicably mind numb and junk food starved, Julie and I spent most of Greg's sleep time watching episodes of Better Off Ted and eating food that had been reconstituted in molds of various shapes. I think we watched at least half a-

...is how I would begin an honest, time-weighted description of yesterday. Let's talk about the cool stuff instead. For example, we went to the zoo.

Where Greg learned about curiously salmon-colored zoo birds.

Manhattan has a proud and noble zoo. We have turtles and a tiger! Come to think of it, the turtles were the most active animals we saw all day. Long ago, a zoo keeper told us that we should schedule our visits early or late because most of the animals indulge in a lengthy and uninteresting midday siesta. For years, we subconsciously followed this advice. Until today. Today, we took a noon trip to the zoo.

Everything was asleep. The turtles were milling around and an insomniac goose was up and honking, but everything else was snoozed. Sound asleep. There was even a flamingo that I watched pretend to sleep. The thing watched me watch it pretend to sleep. I felt odd.

Despite the inactivity, the critters were still exotic zoo critters and Greg is big enough now to see things and recognize them as being unusual. He had lots of enthusiasm for the monkeys and was checking out everything else very carefully. I'll be honest. Sleeping animals or not, it was a really nice visit. I think I may have even gotten the beginnings of a tan on my bald spot.


Later that day, I solicited Julie's help on a project I'm working on. When I start in with talk of "programming" or "project" and "together" with Julie, she usually starts looking for ways to create a distraction and run away. This time though, this time was different. I needed help with algebra!

I think this counts as a date, but she does not agree.

The first thing she did was re-write all of my primes (like x' and min') as things like y and b. Julie hates prime notation. I learned that today. I was totally stuck trying to get from the 4th "y =" to the 5th "y =". I had already worked out some equations for transforming coordinate systems for doing some graphics stuff in a stock market-y project I've got going, but it turns out that the way I had them wouldn't work in a "standard" coordinate transform matrix. And so I needed to...

Right. That got weird. Still with me? Cool. Hi. We're about done anyway.

Random: here is a photo from last week of me wiping my phone and resetting to factory defaults. The phone felt very not-so-fresh and flashing it back to factory made it good as new!

Because Android OS is a lot like Windows 95, I guess.


Milhous said…
I like the mix of math and Greg words
I know, right? I'm happy that was on there when I took the picture.
MIckey said…
When you reset your phone back to factory settings, did it lose all the updates? Like go from 2.3.4 back to 2.0 or something? I ask because I hear phones on Page Plus won't do over-the-air updates, and I'd hate to lose the 2.3.4 I have now. Thanks!
I used the Settings/Privacy/Factory Data Reset option and my phone awoke to android version 2.3.4.
Mickey said…
Ah, good! Then just reinstall apps, set up mail, etc. Anyway to back all that up first? And did you have to reactivate with PP again, or just *228 to reprogram? (My Droid X might undergo this surgery, too, to see if the Wi-Fi improves.)
I think the phone knew it needed to dial *228 and then the magic on the other side knew which carrier to program me for. No fuss at all. I exported my contacts to the SD card prior and re-imported when I was done.

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