Chopping a Stump

On Tuesdays, Julie teaches until about 6:30. That gives me and Greg about an hour to shenanigans before Mom shows up. Today, Greg and I went to the hardware store, got a little bit crazy, and bought a new toy.

It's approximately axe-sized and called a "cutter mattock".

One side is like an axe crossed with a hoe and the other side is like a pick axe that really really wants to be a normal axe. I can verify that both sides do magical things to objects like this:

(at center) It's approximately basketball-sized and called a "stump".

At the end of the evening, with Greg all tucked in bed, I was excited. I was going to wield my mighty mattock in a grueling battle with a stump. I've chopped out stumps before and its no joke. Based on my experience growing up in a land of limestone and hedge trees, I was expecting a good 4 hours of work. Back then I worked with an axe and an iron pick - which was a 6 foot 40 pound rod that I can't even find a picture of on the net. I was afraid this stump might have me outgunned.

Five minutes later, this:

The stump is exposed and loose enough to just lift out.

My father would have called the work "gentlemanly". The stump was old and wasn't the least bit integrated with limestone. The mattock easily pulled away the soft, non-rocky soil. I was a little bit disappointed.

When I finally had a go at the stump proper, it was more just a nod of respect.

And because wild chopping is awesome!

The entire job took about 10 minutes. No more stump. Awesome new toy. Now mowing works again. Good win.

Also this evening, Julie showed Greg what it means to be house beanbag champion.


Mickey said…
Cool! Bring it next time. I've got one you can hone your skills on!

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