Justice Feels Better

Lots of confused thoughts had an opportunity to resolve into semi-informed rational thoughts today. Authorities in Boston managed to capture the younger of two brothers wanted for the Marathon bombing. Evidently, the elder brother was killed during one of a couple amazingly violent exchanges early in the day.

I mentioned confused thoughts. That's probably not the right term. Amoral would be better. My own thoughts were making my heart sad. I assumed that the bomber(s) were, in a way, empty. They just wanted to hurt/kill/maim people to feel meaningful and I would have been happy to see them casually removed from the world - which made me feel like I was similarly hollow.

Now, I feel a bit more stable. The characters are more complex and it's possible to get a handle on things emotionally. We know about brothers, extended family members, and mechanics. My thoughts feel more like justice now and that sits better. There is an awful lot of justice to be had. I very much hope they find everybody that's owed a share.


In more down-to-earth matters, with this thought having finally completed itself, the way is once again clear for photos of mold and sandwich-themed jokes. Julie threw away my last mold experiment, but I'm sure something will come around.


Mickey said…
The world has enough random sadness as it is. There is no welcome place in it for those who willfully choose to add to that by intentional acts of violence. I don't get too stressed out how they leave us.

Regarding your mold loss, I fear I have candidate replacements for you in my leaky basement. But I'd rather not know. :-)

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