Flash Game: InterSeq

Yesterday I posted my second flash game to the (free/ad-supported) flash game portal, Kongregate. This one has a decisively edutainment feel. It's...a typing game.

Click here to play on kongregate, or here to play on my personal ad-free website.

The plot goes like this: Asteroids are plummeting toward a planet. You have to type in the word above the asteroid to lock on the, uh, fusion canons. If any rocks get by your defenses, game over. Planet destroyed.

The fun part about posting stuff like this to a big portal is that a bunch of people will play the game - probably while they're supposed to be doing something else. Then they can leave comments and ratings and you get fun feedback.

For example, when I first posted it, I didn't include a way to restart the game (from the game over screen). I actually did this deliberately to force people to click "refresh" on their browser if they wanted to play again because this would display another ad and I would get another ad impression - each of which is worth about a quarter of a penny. After about 50 plays, here were the only two comments I had:

"When it's over it's over? Or is there any hidden button or key to restart it?" (madjustmad)

"An ok time waster, but nothing special. A repaly button would come in handy....." (Uber NooB) 

So I figured, "Bah, it's junk anyway. I should at least make it convenient junk." Then I added a replay button to the final screen. I was then rewarded with the following two comments:

"That was fun, albeit stressful." (thattwogirl)

"Stressful, engaging, and very fun. I was relieved to get my butt kicked." (RedOneEcho)

Mission accomplished! The reviews indicate that while my game may be fun, it's a source of stress and will probably shorten your life by 10 years. Not really the plan, but it's my first original game. I'm just happy to get an emotional response.

For next time, I'm going to shoot for making something enjoyable as opposed to stressful fun. I'd really like to do something with a story...



weasel said…
hey Charlie, I played your game and got killed pretty quickly. Good work. :)
Milhous said…
Crud, no keyboard layout support. I have to type using querty:-(
That's surprising. I thought your crazy keys got re-mapped by the OS. Can you type in *any* flash apps?
Evelyn said…
I did much better on the replay. I liked the sound effects. Cool game, Charlie!

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