Another Cavity?!

In spite of my increasingly diligent oral care regimen, my Tuesday visit to the dentist ended in shame: a cavity. This is the second cavity in my last two visits. It'll get filled next week. Now that I know it's there, it hurts.

Consistent with the policy that when life gives me lemons, I should ... juggle (?), I decided this was a great opportunity to use my new computer microscope. This next picture explains how that works.

Challenge: find the Print Screen button without de-focusing the 'scope.

A rotating shank near the base controls magnification power. Supposedly it goes up to 200x, but I don't know how I'd test that. The tricky part is how the focal depth gets shorter as you crank up the magnification. At some point, you can't freehand it anymore. Shown below: the best I could do.


All these years the dentist has been telling me that cavities were little rotten holes in my enamel. I thought he was just making stuff up to sell toothbrushes. The last one he filled was supposedly visible only via x-ray and I got the impression he was taking advantage of me.

Not anymore. No sir. My dentist is a hero. He's even going to punch out and replace the old filling for free.


Anybody have any good ideas of what I can use my microscope on? Julie doesn't want me posting pictures of her ear wax. What looks awesome in the 150x range? The best stuff would be wiggly. I can do video.


That was where the microscope went right after it left my mouth. Technology fail. The device is not so good at magnifying objects with much depth, like nose hair forests.

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