Lincoln Marathon - Julie - Prelude

We've just arrived in Lincoln, NE. Greg is attempting a nap and I've cobbled together some mis-matched parts for a spot of bloggings.

I've not yet found a use for the foot.

Last weekend, I ran a half marathon in Kansas City. Now Julie intends to run her own. An entire marathon. I'm given to understand two key factors:

1. We're expecting to finish in fewer than 3 hours. Sometimes baseball players say that they expect to hit a home run. Sometimes penguins squack out an expectation to out run the local arctic seal. It's within range if everything goes well.

2. She'll be doing this in 60 degree weather. A scorched hellscape few can survive, or so I'm told. (A few years ago we cheered for a friend who ran this same race in 80 degree weather. Hi Eric!)

I think it looks like a delightful day to cart Greg around and cheer. If we get super lucky, we may even be able to find some friends along the way.

I feel obliged to also mention... THE TANK! Greg and I got to play on a tank today and it was cool. Beatrice (town in NE) has a Taco Jon's AND a tank. It's the coolest town in the universe.

Oh we got all up in there.

This is probably as good a time as any to mention that Greg doesn't seem to like playing on tanks.

Once we'd picked up Julie's packet, it was time for lunch. Greg enjoys pubs.

Greg learned about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with coloring (not shown).

Then, hotel, nap, blog. Later this evening we're planning to walk the route from the hotel to the starting line. There may also be food. 

Food... Julie has been experimenting with salt loading and I am not sure if I can hold up. I feel, unsettled. You might ask why I'm "salt loading" too. The salty foods are tasty and if Julie gets the good stuff I need twice as much because I'm huge! So, I have no idea what we'll eat for dinner. I hate to miss a chance though because there are some great eating places very nearby. 


EricG said…
Hi Charlie! You have to go back and be at that turn around spot that you guys were standing for me. It was such a big pick me up at the out and back! :)

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