First World Problem: Gaming After Dark Souls

I play computer games. Console games too (xbox, wii). I've even been known to do a spot of tabletop gaming (i.e. dice). And now, something has happened.

The thing that happened is Dark Souls. After a few false starts, I stuck it out, and studied, and practiced, and learned and eventually completed the game. That sentence represents 104 hours of actual game time and probably another 100 in studying lore and strategies.

If I would have spent that time learning to paint, my Facebook wall would be awesome. I may have had my own etsy by now!

Compare that to the "normal" 10-20 hour range.

After a 12 hour victory lap, I decided it was time to hang it up and move on. And then, I couldn't.

Other games offer no feeling of accomplishment now. They don't make me earn my fun. I'll post a few quotes from the Dark Souls support group on reddit:

Games that are just point and attack with limited mechanics are hard to play now. - rbwl1234
Skyrim was one of my favorite games before Dark Souls, now I can't play it. - VainLawliet
It's not just the difficulty that has ruined my ability to enjoy other games, it's the overall genius of the world, storytelling, design etc. - PrinceNelson

And it's not just the narwhal worshipers at reddit either. Google "after dark souls i can't play other games" and you get lots of posts and forum topics by gamers bemoaning their fate. There are even lists of games you can try to start the healing process.

So, I'm weighing my options. I could feed the addiction and pursue Dark Souls II and then Bloodborne - which I'm told is the proper successor. Or, I could try to snap out of it. Write a short story about sandwiches or something. Maybe a chronicle of the Schism of Split Wheat, laying out they heroics of cranberry turkey and pastrami as they tried to hold their diverse people together in the divisive presence of upstarts like the egg salad.


Weird realization: deleting my save games would not be a deterrent. The save games are inside my head!


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