Maybe I should blog

I feel like I should use my blog to, well, blog. Here goes.

Got up. Ate breakfast. Went to work. Lunch with Julie!

Julie and I have been driving home for lunch. We had a while where we'd eat lunch together down town, but then the dog wasn't there and it wasn't so good after a while. So now we've been going home for lunch. I've been making spinach salads. It's tasty.

Ooh, and today after lunch we re-tensioned the treadmill belt. I had the treadmill all apart yesterday to remove a foreign object (plastic sheet?) that had gotten wrapped around one of the rollers. Now we've feeling very empowered about the treadmill.

Went back to work. Worked. Came home!

I had a softball game this evening, but the other team had to forfeit. I wasn't entirely bummed. It was the second game of the week and I don't heal so fast any more. We had a practice though and that was fun. I felt like I hit well.

Someone mentioned he'd be willing to play for the other team (pre-during forfeiture). I thought that was interesting. Once during high-school summer ball, I played for another team - not against my team though. The coach said I wasn't going to be playing for him today so I should go play for Paola in the tournament. Incidently, I didn't like that coach very much. I played, actually I played quite well. It sorta tasted like sawdust though. I'm more in it for the team than the playing I guess so it didn't work for me. In terms of the softball game, I couldn't come up with a concise way to not volunteer, so I just kept my mouth shut. The other team didn't want any of us anyway. It was hot out :)

Then we went looking for a Hellboy DVD rental at Dillons. No luck. I need to take Julie to Hellboy II and she wants the background.

Then we went to Casa Agave (formerly El Cazador's). We split a ... thingy ... it's a bunch of veggies and meat on a cast iron thing, then you -- fajitas! Yeah, fajitas. The meat was shrimp and scallops. Very nice.

We also looked at puppy pictures of Daisy today. She's a cutie.


ksrunner said…
Daisy is super cute!! She's a puppy princess.
The 4 of Us said…
YAY - you are blogging!

What the heck happened to El Cazadors?? Will and I were just talking today about how much we liked it, especially in its 1997-esque glory days.
They got shut down a couple times for employing cooks that couldn't legally work here. The second time they reopened they changed their name. The cheese dip's still yummy though.
The 4 of Us said…
Good deal.

More blogs, I say.

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