NIST Conference, Day 2 complete

We ended the conference sessions at 6:00 today - though the end was good enough to be worthwhile. Crafty scheduling no doubt.


I'm finding that I don't really have any stories. I did learn from the Finnish contingent that their country is an excellent location for viewing the Aurora Borealis. Evidently, they have heated glass buildings out away from the lights where you can stay and watch the show. I'm told the color is usually boring old green - I think I could live with that. Must add Finland to the vacation map.

Evidently, our ride back to the airport tomorrow morning is going to be painful. Our flight leaves at 10:00 which puts our travel window at the height of the morning traffic. Locals estimate a 2 hour travel time for 30 miles. To compensate, we will be leaving at 6:00 - which will hopefully give us a faster travel time in addition to giving us a 3 hour buffer. Traffic, yuck.


julie said…
Yuck, leaving at 6? I guess that does sound better than 2.5 hours for 30 miles!

I'll see you tonight! :D
4 Is More said…
Wow, that is a fast trip!

I have not talked to either of you in for.ever. I hope you are doing well! We need to talk with Skype or something soon.

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