Using the Internet for Pie

So, there I was, just sitting there in the basement of (somebody else's) church. I was eating some donuts and juice I found - minding my own business. I tell my brother-in-law's father (a farmer) that I'm a computer guy, and he's all, "Tell me, can you type something into a computer and make food come out?" To which I sheepishly responded, "No." His reply was, "(smug)".

Well, not so fast. It turns out computers can make pie! Ha!

A week ago I started my mechanized campaign for pie. I began by inserting subtle hidden messages in my wife's dinner invitations:

Later, I continued my insidious campaign on a mechanized social networking apparatus called "face book." (Other people's comments shown as blurred to avoid copyright infringement.)

I think you can guess what happened next. My friends brought me pie. And I ate it. And it was tasty. Shown below: my partially eaten pie.

Computers rock. End of proof. Er, and thanks to Matt, Beth, and Addie for the pie. They rock too. We also scored some brownies, but the more classical cherry pie storied up better.

In other food news, I'm becoming a ramen noodles expert. Here's a picture of my lunch the other day with my patented turmeric and pepper ramen.

Evidently, when you combine turmeric and black pepper your body can absorb something like 3000% as much age-defying turmeric mojo compared to eating turmeric without the black pepper. No flavor packet mind you, just the seasonings. Having eaten about 3 bowls of this stuff, I estimate that I will live an additional 800 years. It's a start. I've also been experimenting with some broth-based preparations, but that's a story for another day.

Ooh, I also saw a big toad the other day. Then I ran and got Julie so she could bring me my camera and I took a picture of it!

I think we identified it as the "American Toad." But, to me, all toads look alike in that they're all crazy wild different-looking, so your guess is as good as mine.


4 Is More said…
That is cool that you can blur out comments! Is there a special Blur Software that you use?

What a huge toad!! We have frogs but no toads. Unfortunately, what they lack in size, they make up in volume.
No specials tools, I use the GIMP. It's like photoshop, only much more difficult to use!

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