The Farm Share Kicked In

This week our CSA (community-supported agriculture) farm started producing.  Here's a picture of our loot!

Why yes, I do like onions.

We paid $375 in the spring.  My understanding is that this bought us a "share" of this farm south of town.  Now that the farm is starting to produce, instead of going to the farmers market and buying this stuff like ordinary city folk, we fill up a bucket at the farm.  Not a bad deal since the farmers market is a bit too confrontational to me.  (I just feel bad not buying a man's potatoes if they look a little funny. It feels too mean.)

On our first trip out, they gave us our basket (1/2 bushel, based on how much we paid).  Then, all the veggies were on a table and we got to fill the basket.  Some things were limited, (a dozen eggs, two zucchini), but those didn't count against the basket.  Every Tuesday, we show up with our basket and bring home another haul.

I have no idea if the money is a net gain or not.  I'm a bit skeptical, so I've been trying not to think about it.  But I get a kick out of the whole local farm thing, and it's super fun to be kinda surprised and fill up the basket, so I'm still calling it a win.  My understanding is that they go light on the chemicals and the chickens are happier compared to conventional farms.  I haven't verified that with a survey or anything, but I'm willing to believe.

Anyway, after our first pick-up, Julie made the green beans and some zucchini bread and I made a giant scrambled eggs and veggies thing.  It's working well so far.

In other news, it's been raining.  My running trail is underwater and if you want tasty Mexican food, you have to swim for it.  Los Cocos, formerly El Cazadores, is just to the left of Time Out Corner below.  They have good cheese dip.

It was all started by one man and a fire hydrant...

The local authorities are evacuating a few of the housing areas that are on river/creek/drainage ditch front property.  But for me, the biggest problem is my nice running trail is unusable at the moment.  Yuck.

We also just wrapped up our first week of the 100 push-ups training plan thing.  Based on our pre-test scores, Julie started on week three with the hard variant and I started on week one with the medium variant.  Julie was able to complete all of her workouts, but I managed to fail all of mine.  My understanding is that you get stronger though, so, maybe next week.  At this point, I definitely recognize that Julie moving on to week four was a pretty mighty accomplishment though...and a little scary.  I'm not that jealous.  The training plan is tough!

I'm hoping to cheat at this whole push-ups thing by losing some weight. So, we'll see how that goes. The last few weeks, I've been doing the reverse. Not helpful. Turns out you can run, and do some light yoga, and do push-up training plans, and eat a bunch of whole foods and still gain weight. Dang.


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