Natural Antibiotics? Maybe...

It's not like I'm trying to actually grow my own antibiotics (that would be awesome).  But some plants seem to already have them.  So if you eat them, eh, maybe?

Over memorial day weekend, I had a sore jaw and a fever.  The glands in my neck were all puffy and exciting.  All my cool immune system stuff was just having an outstanding party during first phase where it doesn't know exactly what's wrong, but it knows it's at war and it's expected to do... something spectacular.  On that day, I (the rest of me) didn't do much.

The next day, I got some higher functions back.  I got to thinking, "Man, this stinks.  Julie had something that lasted a couple weeks!  What if she gave me a bacteria and it's colonizing my neck!?!?"  Then I realized that I keep reading about all these awesome foods that have anti-bacterial qualities.  Such as:

  • Basil [1]
  • Oregano [2]
  • Garlic [3]
  • Honey [4]

So I figure, "Hey, if I just eat a bunch of this stuff, I'll never know if I needed antibiotics, but that's okay!"  So, I did.

The garlic and honey are especially awesome because they're supposed to be anti-viral as well [3,4]!

It was surprisingly easy to eat all this stuff.  I chopped up the basil and oregano and mixed it with just about everything.  Honey is, well, no problem eating the honey.  The garlic is tougher, but if you chop/mash it up and mix it with stuff, it'll go down.

So, did it work?  I dunno.  No science this time.  I felt better pretty quick and never went to the doctor, so there's that.  I'm pretty confident that eating this stuff didn't make me worse, so I guess it was a non-lose even if it's not clearly a win.

Anyway, I always get excited when I try to use regular food like it's drugs. It feels very counterculture. Oh yeah, I'm a rebel because I've got some basil. Like that.

(Yes, George Mateljan at whfoods is my hero :)


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