An AM Post

With no passive fun available on the internet this morning*, it looks like it's time for a breakfast post.  The blog has been bit stale anyway and I imagine a junk post here and there can't hurt. Here we go!

* - No new episodes of The Daily Show posted since the 8th (???), no email, and the facebook has been a bit slow lately (I haven't been updating my status either, it's contagious).  Soon, I may have to start eating breakfast by the bird feeder. (gasp!)

I've been on a diet lately. Rather I've been eating fewer calories. However you say it, I've been making entire meals out of beans and corn and an onion.  Stuff like that. The downside is that I think I've been running a deficit of about 900 Cal/day (before accounting for my run), which is great for making the numbers on the scale smaller, but not much else.

Most of the articles you read about diets claim that the problem you run into is being hungry. I don't get that. You can get plenty full just by eating a bunch of healthy stuff. The problem I get is the HORRIBLE WORLD-DESTROYING FURY!!! It seems to be linked to not getting enough calories or burning fat (evil fat?) or something. I can keep a lid on it, but it does tend to put the brakes on when you're trying to come up with fun evening activities (e.g. I'd like to lie here while my body eats itself, doesn't that sound fun dear?).

So anyway, I'm not doing that anymore. I lost a few pounds, stopped, and now I'm much more fun, but here's the awesome news. Last night I went to the the movie theater and the ticket cashier asked me if I had a military ID (for a discount).

Weight loss goal: ACHIEVED.

When I started this, I was eating a bowl of Cheerios. With the cereal gone, I'm starting to feel like I need to go to work -- where I will sit and type. That's if we're lucky. Any more it's mostly sitting and staring. There's clicking too. Often more clicking than typing. Sometimes I make tea.

I keep wanting to take a time-lapse image of my screen at work to compress the 8 hours from 8:00 to 5:00 (is that 9 hours?) down to about 30 seconds and just see how much stuff really moves. Trouble is, if I wanted to post a thing like that, I'd need to blur the code and that would really kinda suck out the "fun", I think.

Okay, I should go. Ramble complete.


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