I Have a Kettlebell!

Last week I took the plunge and ordered myself a kettlebell online. Today was delivery day.

The box had a cool, "ENJOY THE PAIN!" sticker.

I can already tell this is going to be a humbling piece of equipment. It had a go at me right from the beginning. I was home when the UPS guy dropped it off and of course I went to the front door for the hand-off. I knew I was about to be handed a 35 lb slug, but that's a lot for a casual one-hander. The delivery guy was very supportive with all his, "You got it?" and "You sure?"

I should note that the delivery guy was not noticeably encumbered. I guess he probably lugs cannonballs all day.

Based on the warnings all over the box, this is now the most dangerous object in my house.

Ooh, double boxed!

That warning reads:

Misuse of Russian Kettlebells may result in serious injury. Before practicing with the world's # one tool for strength and conditioning, we recommend you study Pavel's book/DVD/video The Russian Kettlebell Challenge and related resources.

Despite the warning, Julie immediately went for the snatch.

Hint: Her head and neck are usually...less tense.

Honestly, I would very much like to study all of Pavel's learning materials before I break myself in half trying to reproduce a swing from youtube. I even paid (top dollar) for his book and DVD along with the kettlebell when I ordered. It must be coming in two orders because that stuff hasn't shown up yet. In the meantime, if I decide to do anything that's likely to be painful and embarrassing, I promise I'll film it :-/

The only thing I haven't figured out yet is how to work in kettlebell training with the marathon training. I'm kinda hoping that it won't interfere too much, but I'm not seeing much guidance on the web. I suspect if the two don't mix it will probably become obvious pretty quickly.

This week, I'm going to try to blog each day and each blog entry must be completed within 30 minutes. Let's see how it goes...  29 minutes, 2/5 complete!


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