Flash Game: Bonk

Every few months, I decide that I really should have been a game programmer. Then, for a week or so, I stay up late fiddling with things, typing stuff, and accomplishing very little. It's an "analysis paralysis" thing. I spend all my time working on menus or something, then I eventually realize that it's a different month and I still haven't done anything fun - though I do have some striking ideas for fonts. Then I tuck my tail between my legs and go back to my day job.

This process started again a couple weeks ago, but somehow I got on the right track. I started out doing all this high-powered stuff (C++, SFML), but then I grinned and decided to make a stupid Flash game (Flex, flixel). I've never managed to do anything serious with Flash before and it was new and exciting! One thing led to another and I made BONK! which, if you look closely is a lot like PONG. Here's the opening screen.

The professionalism speaks for itself.

I had a lot of fun and I'm proud of myself for actually finishing one. It even has sound! I don't know how to embed it in the blog, but I posted it to my website here:


Troubleshooting: If you just see white, it probably hasn't loaded yet. If it ignores the space bar, you probably need to click somewhere black (your mouse will vanish inside the app, show no fear!).

They say when you are learning to make games, you should work through a progression of the classics (e.g. pong, zork, breakout, mario). That sounds really smart, but I'm not very patient. I think with a pong clone under my belt, I probably know all I need to know...

I really really want to make one that Julie and I play at the same time where we both wander around a map shooting zombies or something. I think that would be nice "us" time.


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