Ultrasound Day, It's a Boy!

Today was an exciting milestone in our pregnancy adventure - the ultrasound! Anything that starts with ultra has to be really cool. And it was.

We found out that our kid had a distinctly humanoid appearance. Further, for a human, it had all of the right nose, fingers, toes, etc in all the right places. Coincidentally, we also learned that he's a boy.

Under the official Thornton standard of prenatal baby naming, this upgrades little Alpha's name to be "Alpha Bravo" ('B' is for boy). To be honest, this joke is starting to feel a little stale now that the kid is less of an abstract concept and more of a little dude. However, we don't plan to announce an actual name until little Alpha sees daylight and we have to call him something, so Alpha Bravo it is.

We even scored pictures of the little guy:

If you don't see it: his head extends to the left (facing up) and is entirely visible, while his body extends to the right before leaving the frame at mid-torso.

The lady running the machine told us the the measurements indicated he weighed 15oz (oh my, a lunker!) and would fill the palm of your hand. She also thought he looked tall. Awww.

Julie tells me that after ultrasound day, you have to celebrate by going clothes shopping. That sounded a little questionable to me, but she knows more about baby stuff than I do and I quickly admitted defeat.

Sharks and dinosaurs. I tried to convince Julie to pick just one, but then she said I was the blue shark and I suddenly realized we needed both.


Grandma said…
We're all so very excited for you!! Thank you for the photo of your baby!!

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