Long Road to Fargo

Julie and I are headed to Fargo, North Dakota. This weekend, we're planning to get together with friends and participate in a half marathon. Fargo is an awkward flight for us, so we decided to drive. At 10 hours, it came in just under the threshold for being waaaay to far to do in a day.

I may need to lower the threshold. 10 hours felt awfully long. Still, long drives are good for snacks and road signs. Here we go.

Directions: Drive North for 590 miles.

We got up at 5:30 and managed to get to Nebraska before we were fully conscious. Advantage: Thorntons.

We usually stop at the Beatrice, NE Taco John's for potato oles, but it was breakfast time. Solution? Breakfast potato oles. They add eggs! Julie had almost the same thing in burrito form.

Somehow, going through Omaha managed to boot us into Iowa. Turns out, Iowa sells cheesy popcorn - one of Julie's favorites. It was even a bit stale, just like the Christmas tin...in May.

Sadly, the stone carvings are on the other end of the state. South Dakota was a nice enough drive. It also looked like the place to go for fireworks.

We kept seeing these beautiful yellow flowers in swashes though the fields in South Dakota. It wasn't until we got to Fargo that we realized they were dandelions.

Woohoo! Almost there. North Dakota had the most road construction. They needed it too. It looked like every seam in the concrete explodes every winter.

Fargo! Home of the Fargonians!!! We were happy to be done with the drive.

Julie let me pick dinner so I looked around for a fancy pizza place she would like. We found a cute local joint (they had trivia and Pictionary sitting out) that served this veggie beast. It went over well.

The most striking thing about the trip is how sparse the roads were. We were on these arterial four-lane interstates that were being trimmed done to one lane each way, and traffic still wasn't clogging at 5:30 in the evening.

Speed limits were also an astronomical 75 mph - effectively allowing me to drive as fast as I wanted. Turns out, I'm an easy-going 68 sort of a fellow. I didn't usually have to slow down for construction. Nice!

Tomorrow our friends should be here and the party can really get started. I think the race is supposed to be a little warm and rainy, which should be fine.

The hotel is very dog friendly. If we ever go back to where just one of us is running these things, it would be fun to bring Daisy. She's with our friends and her pal Kiwi Dog right now, but I always feel bad separating her from the pack. Not to mention, she's cute and fuzzy!

This is right after I helped her ambush a squirrel and chase it up our back yard tree. If she ever learns that I can climb trees she'll feel so betrayed...


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