Debt Free

Today was a big financial day for us. We paid off our house!

There are many like it, but this one is mine.

This was a major shift in money management philosophy for me. There are a lot of really good reasons to not pay off a mortgage early (it's easier to buy stuff with cash than with house, other investments usually exceed the mortgage interest, etc). However, we figured it would make us feel spiffy, so we did it. Now we feel spiffy!

Our final experience with the bank was kind of a non-thing, but fortunately I came prepared. Right after the definitive moment, I drove Julie to the park and we enjoyed a celebratory cookie.

Julie brandishes an oatmeal walnut chocolate chunk victory cookie.

At the location shown above, it was much too sunny. We quickly relocated to a shadier table.

Julie later made it very clear that my fledgling beard is not welcome.

So the weird thing is, now that we've got this house we suddenly feel like we need to take care of it. We're no more invested in it than we were yesterday, but now we're getting serious about how it appears to be breaking apart along two fault lines and how most of the windows don't work.

Cowboys and Aliens!

In movie news, I recently experienced a poignant drama called Cowboys and Aliens. I thought it was great! It wasn't quite as good as Transformers I, but it was definitely better than Transformers II. I have also described it as "less scary" than Aliens vs Predator and I'm very comfortable with that.

Why is the third ship veering off? Is it to flank the riders? Such depth and complexity!

Just to give you a sense of how comfortable the movie is, there's a dog. And you know, somehow, very early on, that the dog will be safe. A lot of movies try to make you worry about the dog (a cheap trick). Other, bad, movies will actually somehow harm the dog. Yes, natural causes counts. Marley and Me was the worst festering pile of filth I have seen in my adult life (I think I cried for the last 45 min). I don't recommend watching that sort of film. However, in Cowboys, you just know the dog is gonna make it. I like that. I like that a lot.

There's lots of good fighting and shooting and it's like taking an emotional nap. Good times.

There was also a great preview for a new Three Musketeers movie and it looked like a lot of fun. They claimed it was based on Dumas' book, but there were airships.

This was my, "I must watch the film" moment.

Dumas considered including this scene in the original work, but with the events of the book taking place in the early 1600s and the first untethered balloon flight happening in 1783 he passed over the airships for an oddly extraneous fight scene in a tavern wine cellar. You can't prove I'm wrong!


Anonymous said…
Congratulations!! That is is cool way to feel spiffy!! I wish I could have joined you in the cookie celebration. :)
Brenda said…
Way to go, you two! Larry says that paying your house off is like getting a major raise in pay!!

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