Greg's One Twelfth-Day!

Today, consistent with my refusal to refer to people ages in anything other than years, our tiny new son Gregory became a twelfth! In honor of the occasion, we decided it was time for him to learn about cake.

While Greg looks on, Mom demonstrates how to dispose of "excess" frosting.

Because we couldn't rightly put a candle on a sub-year cake, I brought in the jack-o-lantern to provide fiery illumination for the occasion.

Greg will have to be much taller to discover his father's encroaching baldness.

Greg cannot eat cake directly yet, but we had an idea... idea to which Julie was receptive.

Unfortunately, with age and cake comes new responsibilities.

Julie shows Greg how to fold the laundry while an uncertain Daisy wonders if it's still her job to flop in the pile.

Tiny dude actually had a pretty busy day. He helped me change out a broken door knob and a leaky faucet (that job turned out to be a bear). He got a bath. Julie went for a big run. I went shopping a made more kefir. Lots of good day stuff.

I think I'm going to go eat more cake. Happy Halloween everybody!


Brenda said…
I'm 816 12ths!!! Wow, now I know for sure why Annika says I'm the oldest person she knows!
Charlie, you should be a writer for Letterman or Leno!! You blogs make me smile, always!
Evelyn said…
It sounds like Greg had a wonderful 1/12th birthday!! I enjoyed hearing about the family's celebration of the event. :) Great blog, Charlie!

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