Image Resizer

Admidst a flurry of family photo uploads last weekend, I had an idea. I realized that web browers had evolved enough that it was time to write a successor to my old reliable photo resizing program.

"Reliable" is a metaphor. A more accurate term is "crufty". Also, "broken". It hasn't worked right since Windows XP. All the more reason to replace it with future tech!

I humbly present Image Resizer:

Yes, I did force it to ensmallen its own image.

Here's how it works:
  • You need some pictures and  a "cool" web browser (e.g. chrome, firefox).
  • Either drag your picture(s) to the drop box or select it with the chooser button.
  • It will be resized according to the settings at the left, you can adjust and update as needed.
  • Right-click your new image and click Save As... You're done!

Here's the awesome part:
  • Everything happens on your computer, in your browser. Nothing is uploaded. Yes.
If you don't understand why that last part rocks, think of doing this for several 10 MB photos. Uploading is slow. It also sends pictures of your tiny kid all across the intertubes to be stored who-knows-where on some oddly malevolent looking server. No sir. Not my kid. Nor my friends' kids. Not anymore.
The best part? I now know exactly how to make an uploader better than that junk I was using at Yogile. After the vaguely offensive response I got from a helpful suggestion box note (I gave them 1 compliment, 1 bug report, and 2 feature suggestions!), I think those guys might need replacing...


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