Wandering Tick, Magnified

This evening, while I was laying on the floor with Greg, happily devouring a delicious Chipotle burrito, I noticed a tick. The tick was enjoying the blissful, stumbling saunter that only a well-fed, disgusting blood parasite could truly understand. Then, I grabbed it.

Unlike spiders, lizards, snakes, moths, and other "noble" spooky creatures, my protocol with ticks is usually decisive removal - including some sort of finishing move that ticks generally do not survive. Not today! Today I remembered that I had a cool microscope. Check this out.

He's the tiny dot, at 4-o'clock to the scope.

The dot is our happy volunteer.

Google analysis suggests that this specimen is a male black-legged tick. All I know is that it looks like the bite-y, itchy kind. Here's the cool part.


Milhous said…
You needed a treadmill to keep him in place.

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