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Following a realization that smart phones might be around for a while, I've been trying to use my phone more like a smartphone and less like a miniature phone booth. Corollary: I've been experimenting with an app called Runkeeper to track my runs (replaces satellite watch and "using the force").

For example, today's run:

Fancy version of what you'd see if you clicked the curiously blue text, above.

I think it's fantastic. Because the phone is so awkward to get at on my arm, I don't constantly look at it like I did a satellite watch. Accuracy wise, it beats the pants off using the force. I'm a fan. A fan, that is, until today. Today, I am a super fan.

I realized that I could take pictures with my phone, wait for it, DURING my runs! During. It's awesome. Check this out.

That stick looks just like a snake!

I saw a snake and I was able to take a picture of it. With my phone. On a run. If you pretend you are still in the 90s this seems really cool.

By the way, don't look too closely at that snake. After taking that photo I went to shoo it off the sidewalk and noticed that the snake was dead. Though, on my return trip it was in a different position so maybe it was just hurt. It was definitely hurt. Not being a snake doctor I honestly have no idea how alive or not alive it may have been.


It was foggy.

Today was a good day to let some zooms out of the box, so I headed over to the middle school track to run a handful of 100 meter strides.

Just me and a lonely stretch of foggy track.

I have myself on a diet right now and I'm tracking all of my calories. Runs interfere with the process because I tend to decide that I can have oreo cookies today because I went for a hard run. And then donuts. And then pie with extra pie. I like to eat and my hungry brain can be very convincing.

This time I think I've found a way to outmaneuver my wily brain. Instead of trying to track exercise calories and fold that into my day, I've just been drinking those calories right after the run -- in the form of delicious, local chocolate milk.

It's actually root beer flavored milk. I'm sure the science will back this up.

I had two glasses today because thermodynamics.

After the post run ... nutrition, everything is reset and if my hungry brain asks for an Oreo I can tell it-- Well, what I tell it isn't super friendly. Let's just say that I can say "no".


Purple oats! (blueberries or blackberries, I think)

Fun behind-the-scenes fact: someone in that photo isn't wearing any pants.

Also, how great is it to live in a world where it is so mainstream to think the transformers are cool that I can just buy an awesome shirt like this from Target.

Selfies are not easy.

...and then just wear it! Compare that to when Transformers was actually a show and I had to spend all my time pretending that I didn't like fun stuff and just went around trying to figure out what would get me noticed the least. Maybe that's less a "world" thing and more a me thing... Nonetheless, the point is I bought a new shirt today and I like it.


Her Dad said…
You realize your blog can seen everywhere, right? And that every 30-something mother in the world wants to look as young and as vivacious as Julie in that picture and have a cute kid like Greg, right? Just sayin'. :-)

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