Open House

We promised Greg that today would bring a fish, robots, cows, and cheese. Regrettably, we failed to find any fish.

We live in a town that is important either because of nearby Fort Riley or Kansas State University. Today, K-State had their annual Open House. The students who are either too eager to know better or too desperate to turn down extra credit show up bright and early on a Saturday to show off all of the cool stuff they've been learning. Particularly, for the kids.

We have a kid! Over the last 15 years, I've toured Open House more times than I'd care to admit. However, now that I have a 2 year old, everything is different. I pointed at things and made up explanations for what they were. I harassed a student that didn't have enough conviction in his own made-up explanation. I emptied the contents of my wallet to buy a stack of cookies. Greg got to to pet a cow. It was a lovely day.

I took this picture during our cookie break.

They both have cookies. They are cookie ninjas.

After cookies, we found some sort of livestock judging thing in the indoor arena. I'd never actually been inside the arena before and I kicked myself for it. A rodeo would have been an awesome cheap date back in the day.

Snacks to eat, horses to see, bleachers to scamper.

We've seen the robots, eaten the cookies, petted the cows, sampled the cheese and are heading home.

Hoping the cuteness above draws the eye away from my shirt situation...

On the way out, Greg was excited to take a seat and watch a spot of soccer.

Blinded by the sun and sabotaged by an unusually high zoom setting, I lucked in to making this photo artsy.

He was watching, I promise. Evidently, when you are 2, Dad is more interesting than intercollegiate women's soccer.

And then, McDonald's at the park.

Take a bite, run 50 ft, run back, repeat.

The crowning achievement of my morning was when I astonished a McDonald's drive through cashier by ordering 5 McDoubles (from the value menu) for only $6. There was a gasp when I ordered. He eventually pulled himself together and, when I pulled around to pay, told me how awesome I was. So, I'm a hero. Or something. I can't stop drinking water...


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