Germs and Birthdays

Our family spent the last week lounging in the full breadth of joys the Great Plains has to offer.

Maybe diphtheria? I am not a doctor.

Which is to say, we've been sick. All of us. I think two unique colds went through the house at the same time. Greg is basically Wolverine. The dude heals fast. Julie and I have been struggling along for a week and a half.

It's not just cold stuff either. It's mean spirited and it stalks insecurities. Julie had a foot tendon thing mysteriously hurt for a couple days. Part of my foot is numb and now I have a neck thing. Voodoo is starting to look like a better explanation than germ science.

Ignoring all that, Great had a birthday party on Saturday!

New plan: so long as Greg thinks balloons are amazing, he shall have balloons.

Originally there was a Nemo balloon and 3 "normal" balloons. The normal balloons were like the red shirts on an episode of Star Trek. The razor sharp acoustic foam on our ceiling killed one balloon in 2 minutes and exploded another as I was tying a weight to its string. Greg didn't care for the ceiling's behavior, but that was the last bit of sadness all day.

Once his cousins showed up, it was all running and jumping and squealing and following his a-few-years-older cousin (and my eldest nephew) Daniel everywhere. Greg thinks Daniel is AMAZING! And it's adorable.

Julie and I had made one major strategic error though. While we had planned to get lunch, we had never actually done it. Fortunately, Greg's uncle Will was willing to step forward and go on a quest for chicken nuggets. And he delivered! Did you know Chic-fil-a makes entire platters full of chicken nuggets? They do! And the nuggets were glorious.

Good times, presents, and cake so blue you could taste the blue.

Zoolander Blue, because it stains lips. Blue.

One of Greg's favorite gifts was his new Ukulele (smug: from us). He's always enjoyed wailing on my guitar and we had high hopes for this gift. Despite the high hopes, we were still blown away when he put on a awesome concert as soon as he opened it.

For a flavor, here is a video of him doing Ba Ba Black Sheep for his mom this morning.

This preceded by Edelweiss and followed by an original number called Paper Blow Your Nose.

I love the way he puzzles over which song to do for a moment, and then, "We could sing Ba Ba Black Sheep?" And then immediately rips into it. The dude has stage presence!

Amy, Will, Annika, Daniel, Mickey, and Evelyn, thank you for making it a wonderful day for our little guy. He had a great time.


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