The Return

I went on a work trip for the first time since before Greg was born. I came home. Everything went okay.

There it is.

At one point, it was my job to talk to that room full of people for an hour - I taught part of a workshop. I told stories (quietly, reviewers say) for 90 minutes. There was laughter, mostly before I crossed the 60 minute barrier. I have only a vague idea of what I said. People seemed to still like me enough afterwards to say nice things about it. I've decided that the only important thing to me is that folks aren't so overtaken with hate-boredom that they've lost their friendly feelings, so victory!

The conference came together really well. Lots of good compliments. I think the open bar Monday night was appreciated. Our 6-person company is proud and relieved people right now.

And so, I'm back home. Just in time for another Friday with Dad!

We made it little dude's first recycling day! And then snack.

I do likes me some Friday with Dad :-)


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