First Lesson

I had my first Tai Chi lesson (Yang style, 24 forms) today. I am now very confident that at the end of 4x1 hour sessions, I will not only not know Tai Chi, but I will certainly not be a ninja. Here is a video of someone doing the same kind of Tai Chi I've been learning.

In our first hour we covered the 3 or 4 forms that make up the first 54 seconds of that video. We moved around a bit differently, but I think that was to fit the geometry of the room. It's very tough to remember where all my body parts are supposed to be all the time. Every now and then we would freeze and she'd go around correcting peoples' form. I thought it was very neat. The only bummer is that I don't remember everything well enough to practice, but I'm hoping the internet can get me by.

Ooh, and we scored tickets for the football game on Friday. Todd has some extras and offered to take Julie and I. My understanding is that it's band day. I think we'll have a backyard tailgate party before, then head over. It should be an excellent Fall Saturday.


4 Is More said…
So is there Tai Chi HW?
I want to practice, but it's hard to remember all the parts. That's why I went looking for online videos. We were not assigned specific homework though.

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