Some Numbers

The current cost of the Iraq war is estimated at $575 billion. The economic stimulus package was scheduled to pay out $152 billion in 2008. Julie and I got $1200 from the economic stimulus package. If we switch those numbers around, and scale up the economic stimulus package using the 575 instead of the 152, Julie and I would have gotten $4500 (about 3.7x as much). It also makes you wonder, "Hey, we need $4500 to go look for WMDs in Iraq. Nobody else thinks they're there, but Saddam is a bad guy anyway. Could you spot me the money?" How many of us would have chipped in? Ug. Our guys are doing great work, but we need them in Afghanistan.

Ooh, and here's something I realized the other day about a trillion dollars. If you have a trillion dollars, that's enough to give 1 million people 1 million dollars each. Big number.

I think I'm just cranky because my stock has been drooping a bit lately. Here's a picture of a marmot to cheer things up. You should follow the link, they've got a great picture of one sitting on a rock in Yosemite.

In happier news, today I bought a rear rack for my bike. No more sweaty backpack back for me! I'm very excited - tomorrow will be its first run.

I just finished watching the McCain Republican party nomination acceptance speech. The beginning was a bit dull and the very end got a bit silly, but I thought the part where he described his sense of duty to America was actually very moving. I also thought the cameras cutting away (continually) to show protesters was absurd. I was thinking it was proof of "liberal media bias" but the NBC guys were quick to say afterward that the network had no control over the cameras. Evidently they had at least an awareness of shame. I'm very curious if the same coverage existed on Fox News :)


julie said…
Marmots are very cute. They look a lot like beavers.

I think we need to go to Yosemite someday...and Yellowstone.

Now for my old nemesis...word verification!
julie said…
I got it right! First try!

Ooh, but this one looks like a doozy!
4 Is More said…
But what if it was $4500 to save the marmots?
That's a tough one, some people do think marmots started the bubonic plague:

I'd definitely pay up for polar bears though :)
Brenda, Will's mom said…
Hi Charlie, I'm sending Annika an alphabet book about Kansas. I had this bright idea of putting her family members' Kansas birth places. Is Chanute yours? Thanks!
I was born in Independence, KS.

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