Brush with Death!

Julie and I were riding our bikes on linear trail today and we TOTALLY ran afoul the venomous pit viper agkistrodon contortrix (a.k.a. Copperhead).

[This picture is so similar to the snake we saw, it might as well be the same one.]

Fortunately, we were forewarned that this ancient reptilian bringer of death was lurking ahead on the trail and we were able to avoid a direct confrontation. He was hanging out on the path, enjoying the warm fall morning, probably waiting for some runner to step close enough to be his dinner for the next 3 years.

It was about 2 feet long and some change, but their bodies are surprisingly wide - though he may have been deliberately flattening out a little. When I was looking it over, I realized that I had no idea how they strike. Rattlesnakes coil up kinda like a spring and cobras rear up, but this guy was just laying there, mostly extended, with his head angled upward about 45 degrees. For all I know, he could have come flying at me from 6 feet away, but I think it was a peace-loving critter. I was proud of myself for properly identifying it on the trail. And big thanks to the lady that warned us about it - we may have seriously injured the poor thing with a bike if we hadn't been looking for it.

Also, yesterday I got my platypus shirt in the mail.

And yes, it's awesome.

Ooh, and one last piece of news. Tai Chi continues! Though we have used up our four official sessions, our teacher is willing to continue coming in and the class people are willing to keep coming. I may make full ninja yet! Last week we actually went through the whole thing to music, but it got pretty ugly when we were just following her through brand new territory. It'll be fun to learn the whole thing.


julie said…

Seriously, though, seeing the snake was neat. I don't mind snakes. It does make me kind of worried about other snakes lying in the leaves, though -- I didn't pick that one out at first.
4 Is More said…

I think you need a manatee shirt.

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