The Full Range

Julie ran a race today. It was a 5k sponsored by a local church. Here are the pictures.

(Julie registers for the race and gets a packet.)

(Julie releases her inner dragon. The guy in profile on the faaar right edge, one visible leg, runs the local running store.)

(The race begins.)

(Julie finishes. 1st woman. 4th overall.)

The had a raffle afterward and everybody was winning coupons for Chipotle, but Julie won a coupon for stupid Road ID (the fancy bracelet equivalent of lacing one of your dog tags to your boot). Evidently I was well-behaved though, and she let me go to Chipotle anyway. Coupon food is tastier though. *sigh*

After the raffle, we stuck around for their race-day church service. It was very nice, the sermon was about positive attitude. Instead of an organ, they had an electric guitar. It was a very hip church.

Incidentally, instead of a medic alert bracelet, what would be awesome is an emergency pulse beacon. It would be the size of an ipod nano or something and it would have just enough juice to send out one cell phone signal (or something) that would let me go online and see (a) if the signal had been sent, and (b) about where it came from. The weather gets weird, I go to the web and check on Julie, just to make sure she hasn't fired off here SOS. It could even ring my phone when it goes off. It'd be great.

Unfortunately, we ended the day on a bit of a low note. We watched the new film, Burn after Reading.

I can't say I enjoyed it. It had some parts that were funny, but mostly it just made me (and Julie) feel defiled. No Country for Old Men was cool because it had this potent plot tie-in of watching the world change as you age and wondering if you still have a place in it, but this was like an episode of Seinfeld - with pointless, gruesome killing and internet-assisted adultery that has you wondering, "Is this graph fully connected? Is it planar?" It gave us the impression that the director was saying, "Look at these ordinary people, just like you and me, and look at the horrible choices they make." Fun stuff~

Note: I think the internet is trying to make ~ the new punctuation for sarcasm. Let's see if it takes hold!


4 Is More said…
YAY, Julie! Great race-day running. So I must ask about the "inner dragon" comment - is there a back-story to the local running store owner comment?
Well, you know...Julie has inner dragons...and stuff. I just made it up. And nope, the local running store owner is just the local running store owner.

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