Race Day

Julie is away. I have returned to the hotel for batteries and a bit of a cell phone charge before I head over to the finish. There were some pretty fast looking ladies (one ran very well at Nebraska 2 years ago) out there so I think Julie will have her work cut out for her.

Hmmm, my laptop isn't really set up for photo processing at the moment so I think pictures will have to wait. You're not missing much - it was a bit too dark for my camera at the start.


(Update 1)

Julie finished and everybody gets a shower!

Here are some pictures:

Our classic pre-race night time flash photo.

A bunch of grade school kids line up to run the final 1.2 of their 26.2 run thingy.

Julie Finishes! You can make her out behind the camera man. She tells me that the 10s place on the second hand of the clock should be a 4 (rather than 5). Evidently we were having a transition anomaly.

Professor Julie discusses the course topography. Evidently, it was hilly.

Julie discusses the race with her parents while in The Link.

The WW1 monument as viewed from The Link.

Charlie blogs about Julie's race (i.e. I figured out the timer feature on my camera!).


(Update 2)

We're all home safe and puppy Daisy has been rescued from the pet resort. Julie's chip time was 1:25:47 (gun time was 1:25:50). Full Results.


julie said…
Ooh, good pictures! I do like my expression on the "hilly" one :p.
4 Is More said…
Great pictures! So how did the race go??
julie said…
Hi, Amy! :)

The race was good...I ran 1:25:47 and was 4th. It was a HARD course!

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