Pumpkin Day

We carved pumpkins! Here are the pictures.

Todd prepares a complicated original creation:

Julie works on her happy jack-o-lantern with Charlie's scary pumpkin to the right (the scar really helped, I think):

The transformation is complete:

The trio, no flash:

And here the are in full menace:

This one is outside with a 12 second exposure (it brings out the skinning on Todd's pumpkin):

Tomorrow is candy day. I hope we get customers.

PS: I should admit that I stole my pumpkin design from world of warcraft - just like last year with my cyclops pumpkin.


julie said…
Great pumpkin pictures! :)

I hope we get trick-or-treaters, too. It makes me sad when they don't come.
4 Is More said…
I'm behind, but way to go on the pumpkins. Those are some mean jack-o-lanterns.

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