Yep, Tuesday...

I'm just in from a softball game. I played poorly and we lost 17 to 7. *sigh* I think I'm going to start using a different bat. If you tap the one I use it sounds like a tuning fork (hint: they should sound solid). I also busted another lace in my glove, so I'll need to fix that. On the bright side, the skin on my knee is almost fully regenerated and I should be operating at full power soon.

I've been a smidge down lately. I think I'm feeling ... "tangential" at work. It feels more like I'm shoveling muck than building giant robots. I imagine people who shovel muck for a living would be happy to explain to me the differences between our jobs, but there you go.

Ooh, I can say one thing I'm excited about. Two really. The long-awaited release of Fallout 3:

We were all worried when Interplay got shut down after Fallout 2 because they hadn't been paying their programmers. But, they sold the rights to Bethesda Softworks and it looks like the guys at Bethesda got the feel right. I'm looking forward to the holy grail of post-apocalyptic role playing games: body part-sensitive carnage :)

The other one is Fable II, which for me is a new arrival:

Evidently, in the Fable series, it's fairly open-ended and as your character ages, his appearance changes to reflect the good/evil-ness of your decisions. It looks like the appearance of the dog also changes, so I'll have to play as good.

Both look like they're coming out in late October, so I'm excited. You may recall that my logic for buying the house was: (1) there's no room for a desktop computer in the apartment, (2) I need more computing power than what's available in a laptop to play Oblivion, (3) if I buy a house, I can buy a desktop computer, (conclusion) to play Oblivion, I must buy a house. Julie had a similar logic chain, but her's was for different stuff. I likes me the video games.

Hmmm... Must do good at work so I can play video games. I think I need to go build a giant robot.


4 Is More said…
Poor Daisy looks sad. You'd almost think it was Monday.
julie said…
I remember that house-buying logic! Mine was to buy a treadmill, and to get a puppy.

I like that picture of Daisy, but she does look a little droopy.
Will said…
I remember the whole reason I was after a new desktop computer the last time we bought one (2002) was that I wanted to play Morrowind. Looks like I'll need an upgrade sometime if I ever have the time to move on to Oblivion. Seems like the Elder Scrolls drives my personal technology upgrades.

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