Pumpkin Day!

Today we had Pumpkin Fest 2009! My cousins and the Millers came over and we all did some serious pumpkin carving.

Before we got in to the knife work, we headed out to the farm west of town to select our victims. While we were at the pumpkin farm, we saw a kid hold up a big one and drop it into his cart. There was gore. I think his parents were accustomed to this sort of thing because they just sorta shrugged, "Yeah, you broke it." I think the father sighed.

We, having had the foresight to build our team entirely out of sure-handed young adults, managed to bring home all of our pumpkins in tact. I forgot to bring my camera for the shopping, so you'll just have to take my word for it: they had lots of cool pumpkins and some other really strange giant brain-looking gourds.

Here we are back at the house. Julie is already mangling while the rest of us are still in the planning stages.

Enter the Millers. The group is already hard at work.

I've managed to convince Katie to do a bit of carving for me. Eventually, I convinced her take the whole thing back to her dorm with her. Though, we do have some concerns about mold... In back, Lindsey is engrossed in complicated surgery.

We got some excellent smiles out of Beth and Addie. Julie continues to taunt us with her magnificent stew-handling abilities.

Addie and Beth continue work on their Picasso inspired alternative work (later, you'll see).

The Katie/Charlie collaborative masterpiece is complete! This one will go on to live happily in Goodnow hall.

Lindsey has completed her Pokemon-inspired attack cat!

The wildcat, unleashed!

Addie presents her now-complete, highly emotional work, summoning deep feeling relating to the swissification of cheese. Addie made the shapes, Beth did the slicing. In addition, she presents a tasty tasty bread hunk (whose siblings I just searched for, there was none left, nuts).

Julie's completed wumpus pumpkin. Or monsters inc. monster. I prefer wumpus because then it's all computer science-y. I think Julie likes the monster theory...for the same reason.

If anybody wants a medium-res version, click. If you want it even bigger, let me know. Some of those Addie pictures are pretty darn cute :)


Scott Harmon said…
Definitely a Wumpus!
4 Is More said…
Those pictures are all ADORABLE!

Darnit, we miss you guys. :-(

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