Who Invited Them?

Today I took Julie out for a parade date. We picked up some snacks on the way to our observation post, so I suppose it was a fancy date. The parade was for K-State homecoming and there were lots of student organizations with their floats. It was good times and all, but near the middle, a bunch of old guys started whizzing by on undersized transportation. I don't know if they'd been drinking, but it would have been right if they had. I suspect you've seen these guys before too.

The Shriners

I think we're all pretty accustomed to a smidgen of non sequitur in our parades - fire trucks are ALWAYS cool - but who invites the Shriners? When you look them up, it seems like they're some sort of hospital-loving arm of the Freemasons. Actually seeing them out there in their oddly tiny vehicles kinda makes Dan Brown's books (Da Vinci Code [+], Angels and Demons [++], Digital Fortress[--]) look like non-fiction.

I can only think that they somehow control enough stuff that parades don't happen if those guys aren't invited. Meh, I guess the world won't rule itself. I think I'm just jealous. How come nobody's ever asked me to be a mason, eh?

The parade is about as close to the homecoming game as we're going to get. Julie and I both almost bought tickets at one point or another, but we were sea-sawing on conviction so we just decided to pass.

If all goes well, we might have a pumpkin carving party next Monday. I think it's extremely important to get some jack-o-lanterns out at least a few days before Halloween to advertise a bit. Unfortunately, our master carver, Todd, has gone off to Anchorage, AK to be a fancy professor and the distance interferes with his carving services. However, I think we've got a good crew on the way so it should be very productive.

Ooh, I almost forgot. It looks like they discovered Atlantis off the coast of Greece last week. So, that's cool. Unfortunately, we already have lasers. They may have been hundreds of years ahead of their time...thousands of years ago. We caught up. Dang.


4 Is More said…
How was the pumpkin carving?
4 Is More said…
Okay, um, maybe I should read the posts in the order they are listed instead of trying to do it in chronological order. :-)

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