Green Bay: Day 1

Aside from the Milwaukee Raft Trip, our fist day in Wisconsin has been very nice.  We met up with some friends at the airport in Milwaukee and had a pleasant two hour drive to Green Bay. Once here we added two more friends to the party, leaving us only one short of our full compliment.  Our seventh and final member will join the group at lunch tomorrow. We may actually get one more, but for now we'll say seven.

Garmin Nuvi (Karen) vs iPhone

My nuvi's name is Karen.  That's the "name" for the Australian voice.  I switched it over to Karen from the default american voice early on because she is waaaay less judgy and less crabby when she has to recalculate a route. They now have celebrity voices available for the nuvi, starting with David Hasslehoff, but I have become fond of good ol' Karen.

One of our carmates, has an iPhone. Since none of us have a clue where anything is, this has provided an opportunity to compare the two. I think Karen scored some points. After guiding us to Green Bay, she got demoted to the hotel room because we figured we'd rely on the iPhone, but she may come back. While the iPhone got us to dinner, there was one u-turn and a fair bit of "Where did- Oh, back there."

Now that cell phones have GPS, I still don't think I'd say the difference is worth having an entire separate device, but if you've already got one (like me), I do think they're still a bit better. The really good compare would be with the GPS on android phones. I think those are the ones looking like the Nuvi killers right now.


My pursuit of magnificent cheese will have to wait until Sunday. According to my plan, after we finish the race, we will all don tuxedos/evening gowns and head over to a local fromagerie. It's French! To be honest, I didn't bring a tuxedo, but I feel like that's proper attire when visiting a cheese shop.

Time for bed. Here's a picture of Thoughtful Julie, gazing off toward Lambeau Field. I think she's meditating on awesome fastness.


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