Milwaukee Raft Trip

I've coined a new term!

Okay, so our plane lands in Milwaukee and we head to the second closest bathroom (my trick).  Intending to do some serious business, I select the least objectionable stall. Everything seems normal, but as I, ah, assume the position, the automatic flush mechanism kicks in.  This is not unusual, but what came next was altogether uncomfortable!  The toilet kept flushing. Not continuously, but with 0.5 to 2 second pauses in between.  Now, these aren't just swirling water either.  We're talking about vigorous, authoritative flushing action.

This phenomenon is now officially, a Milwaukee Raft Trip.

I felt like I needed to choose between "Wisconsin Bidet" and "Milwaukee Raft Trip" and I feel pretty good about my choice, but it's still a new term so if anyone has a better term, I'm open-minded.


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