Chia Seeds: Ultimate Running Food or Flax's Ugly Cousin (2/2)

This is part 2 of my experiment with chia seeds and running.  Part 1 is the previous post.

The short answer is that I had a great run.  A little bit too great in fact.  The chia experiment was designed to reveal results on the lonely 30 minutes at the end of my run.  Usually this happens at around t=[90 min...120 min].  This morning I ran faster than usual and that interval was only about 10 - 15 minutes long.  That said, I learned the following about chia + running:

  • Soaking in apple juice (10 min) worked really well.  It tasted fine and I had no problem drinking my bottle of juice prior to the run.  I was concerned that the seeds didn't have enough time to form a proper gel.  10 minutes gives a pretty liquid drink.  Soaking overnight gives a much more gel-like experience.  I had well-placed water stops and it was about 50 degrees, so I don't think I tested the hydration element very well.
  • My energy level stayed high throughout the run.  However, I wasn't at it long enough to know if this was the chia, or if I've just gotten more awesome.
  • The first 3 miles was a bit uncomfortable stomach-wise.  Things were glurgully.  After that, everything settled in and I felt great.
  • Brush your teeth after you drink the chia.  The gel bonds to teeth.
  • It was a little tricky mixing the seeds into the juice.  They didn't want to sink.
I'm still trying to decide if my long run next weekend should be a control experiment (no seeds, no gels, just apple juice), or if I should try to improve my technique (soak seeds in juice over night).

Here's a picture of my route!

And here's a picture of my breakfast!

I've got some eggs, an apple, and brown mustard.  I've very proud of my eggs.  I saute some mushrooms and an anaheim pepper, then add in an egg and 3 whites along with some turmeric, chervil, and pepper.  I like them they're tasty.  I need another ingredient though, like thyme or something.  They lack...zaz?

Eeep, have to go.  Julie's cousin is getting married today and I'm making us late! (late for being 3 hours early)


Evelyn said…
Where does one find chia seeds - at your local health food store? Now I'm curious about how they taste. :)
I got them on amazon, but you can try some if you visit :)

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