Warrior Rout

Today I was supposed to run in a Warrior Dash. After lots of tough talk, "Warrior Dash is a mud-crawling, fire-leaping, extreme run from hell", the organizers decided to cancel the event due to heat before I got my chance. I think they were probably keeping the local hospitals busy (here's a link, read the comments).

It was a bummer. I dislike driving for six hours with nothing to show for it. I was looking forward to playing in the mud. You get your hopes up, you know?

We drove to the event, met up with some friends, and gamely took a shuttle over to the course. While I was waiting in the packet pick-up line, I head announcements about the current wave being "on hold" but didn't pay much attention. About the time I reached the front of the line, the announcer got serious.

"Everybody should be listening to me, nobody should be talking!" He paused, meaningfully. "There will be no more waves today. The remaining waves are canceled." Another pause... "Please go home immediately."

He continued to drive the point home, but I think he got most of us to transition to damage control pretty quickly. The packet guys told me they weren't giving out any more packets (no shirt and fuzzy hat for me), and we got in line for a shuttle back to the parking lot - fortunately, we did so before the line solidified and filled up the entire park.

To be fair, it was pretty hot and the staff handled the situation really well. Of the parts I participated in, this was one of the best organized and staffed events I've ever seen. I'm guessing a good share of the staff had more experience than is normal for the races I go to. Using "Rout" in my title was unfair - as it implies a breakdown in organization. What I experienced was a well-organized, feeble retreat.

The part that really sucks is, I've been training for a race in 100 degree weather. Since this is a sort of cute 5k, heat was the only factor I was worried about and I think I had it under control. I've been running stairs at 5:00 in the afternoon and going for runs in the heat of the day. I was ready! I feel like I need to do something crazy tomorrow afternoon to compensate. Like something involving a stadium, and a kettlebell, and the criteria "until I black out."

Grrr. Next time...


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