2011 TL;DR

Today, during a visit to our local transfer station (i.e. dump), my comrade and I were yelled at by a sanitation employee because we were chucking our unsanitaries out the back of our U-Haul, over the pile, and down into the trench where he was working (i.e. on his head). Instead of boring you to death with that story, this post will be review of my 2011 accomplishments! (you're welcome)

For the record, here's my setup.

It is early, but don't worry! I have more wine.

1. We had a kid! And what's more, I think he's awesome. I was not really a "kid person" before, but Greg has somehow managed to switch me over to a guy that will smile at kids on the sidewalk. They even smile back! Of course, Greg has the best smiles. And he has great coos too. So much good stuff there. Yaay, Greg!

2. We paid off our house! Between some nice jobs and a cooperative stock market, we were very fortunate to get the thing paid off in our 30-somethings. I had hoped that, when we got the deed, the cracked foundation and the doors that won't close would fix themselves. That didn't happen, but I'm calling it a net win.

3. I drink kefir now! Related: I think I cured my seasonal allergies. At least I didn't have any symptoms after the treatment. I can also make chicken soup from scratch. My experiment with the GAPS stuff did wonders for our food situation.

4. Thanksgiving and Christmas at home. This is obviously related to #1, but I think Julie and I both felt like it was more about us having a family at home. Kind of an independence thing. It was a surprisingly big deal. We're both very appreciative that our families didn't hit us with any guilt. (we still visited for Christmas of course, but waking up at home that morning was the key)

5. We defied the prognosticators. I was told that when we had a kid I wouldn't have time to write computer programs for fun anymore. Or play video games. Julie was told that she would have to hang up her running shoes. People make snarky predictions. For the most part, it's just to fill conversational gaps and it's not actually an attempt to give credence to our greatest fears and scare the bejesus out of us. Still, that's what it does.

We have both been delighted to find that when we work together (and occasionally get some help) we can still do the things that are important to us. It's a cheesy lesson, I know. But I think it's still a very nice way to end a great year.

Happy New Year Everybody!


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