I blog at you today, perched comfortably atop the very exercise ball that nearly claimed my life not two years ago.

...and having narrowly failed to resist the temptation to write "perched precariously".

Julie ran a race today! It was a five kilometer race and it was hilly (or so she says). She logged a time of 19:50 and was the first female finisher.

Evidently, they handed out the overall awards last and very few people stuck around to witness the moment. The organizers also hadn't made up the awards yet. Julie walked up to the podium, received her tip-o'-the-hat and was on her way home.

This is all hearsay of course. I only saw a tiny part of the race because I was on Greg duty. And that's where our story begins...

The first portion of the course passed within a mile of our house and I determined that Greg and I should go cheer for Mom. To reach our observation point, we had to negotiate a secret overgrown trail and a wilderness bridge!

This is exactly as easy as it looks.

Since our stroller is an awesome running stroller with giant bicycle wheels and Greg has a four-point harness and roll cage, I figured the thing most likely break on this trip was my fragile skeleton. Challenge accepted.

After experimenting with a leapfrog approach, I settled in on carrying the car seat in one hand and dragging the stroller in the other. A few minutes later, ultimate victory:

Future site of Greg's tactical sledding lessons.

There was a group of three young people (mid-late teens) smoking and shadowing me on the trail. At one point they all hid in a big bush as I passed by. I ignored them completely, but there was lots of giggling and I think they had a good time.

Once through, I was rewarded with a great cheering position at the first mile marker.

Julie gave us a big smile as she rounded the corner.

Julie prepares to descend a hill. Red shorts mark the bush I mentioned earlier.

One of the many gentle downhills on this loop course. The Christmas lights in this neighborhood are great.

After Julie went by, I made my way across the road and navigated that bridge in reverse. Good times.

Meanwhile, there was a lot of race activity across the country today. I felt strongly like we should have been somewhere else this weekend, visiting/cheering with friends, and loading up on Italian food. (Hi Everybody!) Not realistic right now, but soon. Soon.

For good measure, here's one more picture.

A crafty Greg flexes his mighty paw and checks to see if the coast is clear.


Brenda said…
You are in shape Charlie to do that obstacle course with Greg, the carrier, and the stroller!! Congratulations to Amy and we love any and all pictures of Greg!

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