No More Fridays

Tonight was date night! The internets helped us find someone to hang out with Greg and then fancy dessert happened.

Above: The correct answer.

Julie got the Italian-style donut flight. The donuts themselves were some sort of cinnamon cake. They were fresh baked and the dipping sauces... I liked it. I ordered a boring-sounding-by-comparison strawberry cheesecake. It too was outstanding. The crust was on top! That's exactly the sort of thing I would have wished I thought of if I was a brilliant cheesecake chef.

Ahhh, dessert. Other things happened too. Probably. We were out for three hours after all. I only remember dessert.

Julie Levels Up

Check this out:

A carpet installer will someday marvel at all the craters in the concrete below our living room floor.

Julie is determined to start using my 35 pound kettlebell. The picture above shows her right before she nearly bashed the ceiling with it. Her left side wasn't quite ready, but it'll happen soon.

Thursday is the New Friday

Next year I'm switching to 80% time and watching Greg on Fridays. This is so I can look after little dude while Julie works Fridays. She gets to do her thing and I get to spend lots more time with Greg. Right now, this plan looks like a pure win.

Between that and the way the holidays fall this year, we realized today that I'd worked my last Friday for a good while. I think that's pretty cool.

I find that I bake a lot when I'm looking after Greg (he yells at me when I use computers). I am anticipating many tasty weekends.


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