I type tonight, a sad husk of a blogger. After accumulating a perfect lifetime record of four victorious eBay auctions, I have been defeated. Some other bidder won Optimus tonight, and they don't have to share.

You win this round litig8ed.

Edit: It turns out that litig8ed was the seller. I have no idea who won this round.

Still, I don't think I have enough of a collectible mindset to feel okay with $75 or more for a transformer. Yet. I mean it's just a piece of my fading childhood right? Not okay. Next time I'm mortgaging the front porch and we're doing this thing.

Following "doing this thing" I punched out about 200 keystrokes that formed the beginning of a pile of book and movie reviews designed to express 2012 according to Charlie. It was boring and now it's gone. You're welcome.

Much, though not most, of my recent free computing time has been filled by work on a project I promised Julie five years ago - at least. If all goes well, it will someday be a running log. Here's a peek.

It's got a green bar thing!

You may notice that it's green and offers a join option. This may be tipping my hand a bit, but I'll let slip that it can also be logged in to AND out of. More seriously, it's all adaptive so that it wiggles down to work on a phone just as well as a big computer screen. I told Julie that I wouldn't go on any obsessed late-night game frenzies until I finished her app. So far I've kept that promise.

After a bit of a rough year, it has been nice to have a project like this to work on. I've been learning stuff that I find interesting and feeling like I'm doing something that may actually will be of use to someone. In short, it feels very back-to-normal evening hobby work for me.

Happy midweek!


4 Is More said…
I would still love to read about 2012, just so ya know .. ;)

Good luck on the running log!

Oh, and don't let Will see this. His huge transformer collection that he saved from childhood (with Optimus Prime) is being slowly destroyed by Daniel.
Milhous said…
I like the green bar, but we need more screen shots. $75 seems like the perfect price!!

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