Roll Out

Anyone following my quest to reclaim a lost shard of my childhood will be happy to know that I finally won an ebay auction (third attempt) and got me some Primes. Two beat up, heavily played with, pieces missing, original Optimus Primes. I feel awesome.

When Optimus is watching, you leave buyer feedback.

"I like the cut of your jib." The seller had Transformers-themed return address labels.

Serious Foods

With Christmas rapidly approaching, Julie and I have been trying to decide what to eat on the eve and morning of the big day. There's a lot at stake because whatever we do is likely to become a tradition (because Greg) and we don't want to have to eat taquitos for the next 40 years because of a silly mistake.

That example does not work at all. Now I want a taquito. Muchos taquitos.

As it stands, the plan is tater tots with sausage gravy on Christmas eve and I'm going to try to reproduce a recipe for quiche lorraine that I saw on an episode of Julia Childs' awesome 1960s cooking show, The French Chef. Sausage in both you see. And the quiche gets bacon. We'll be drinking a lot of water.

To get her mind right for all that, Julie has been making cookies. First no-bake cookies, and then, today, cookies that were made by refining other cookies down to their cookie greatness, mixing them with cream cheese, and then slathering them with minty chocolate (recipe). Like this:

Each ball is 5 oreos, a tablespoon of cream cheese, and 2 mint bars - one 3 ball serving is 9000 calories (countless lies).

Happy Mayan long count calendar rollover day everybody!


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