The Very Normal Happenings of Monday

In a sort of literary Hail Mary attempt to re-ignite my blogging I decided to take notes throughout the day and then just sort of spew them out onto the internet.

Vital context: it was a very platypus Monday.

6:30 am: Awake. Today is a lifting day, but I'm tired and snoozing feels comfy so I stay in bed and play Scramble with Friends instead.

8:00 am: Greg's bug bite (turned giant scrape) needs a bandage to block the scratching. The awesome solution, gauze and a wrap, doesn't really work because I'm afraid I'll wrap it too tight. Nonetheless, we go with gauze, a uselessly loose wrap, and full length pants.

8:45 am: The grocery store has good bandages but they are brown. The only brightly colored ones are branded with trains and horses. Except Nexcare. Nexcare has perfect neon colors. Unfortunately, they are weird diamonds and I think they have too much "side" tape. I buy the brown (sorry Greg).

Fully equipped.

8:55 am: NPR has a story about training computers to listen to minute differences in the way people read poems to diagnose mental diseases. I am reminded of the premise for Bladerunner.

9:00 am: Walking into the office, it sounds like there is a jet engine in the server cabinet. The server for everything that happens in the office, online order fulfillment, and everything else we do is overheating. The controller for the cabinet fans isn't working. Opening the cabinet doors and pointing a fan at the server seems to calm it down.

9:30 am: Deleted spammy accounts from the company forum. Natural beauty products, hanging wine racks, baby shower gift baskets. I allow "" to live because they did not post or link any sites.

10:30 am: I realize that I could easily eat half an onion if I chop it up and add it to miso soup. Context: yesterday, I read that onions were "healthy" and ate half an onion as slices with a bit of lemon juice and salt - I don't plan to repeat that.

12:15 pm: On the way home for lunch, I go to People's Grocery and buy some miso. A lady lets me skip ahead in line after noting that I "only have one thing." "Sure, thanks!" I say, before noticing that she only has four items. The cashier then twisted the karmic knife by chatting with me about miso.

1:00 pm: Greg wants to look at the orange day lilies in or front yard. While we are out there, his part-time
nanny arrives.

Same flowers, much later in the day.

1:20 pm: I learn that the AM/PM system is zero-based, with 12 serving as the zero! Now I finally understand how to properly interpret noon and midnight as well as the rest of the 12:xx hours.

1:30 pm: Back at work, my heroic interventions have the server running at a very reasonable 40 C.

(Edit: I had this whole connected narrative about work conversations throughout the day, but when I read it I realized it would be super boring. The morning is gone. The afternoon is gone. It's a good thing. You are welcome.)

5:00 pm: On the way out, I help carry a box full of "Good Stuff Toys" toys down the stairs. I hope they are good.

6:00 pm: Julie makes roasted cauliflower, fruit, and toast while I make eggs and miso soup (with onion). Despite tasting curiously licorice-like, the miso turns out to be a great way to eat an onion.

6:30 pm: Greg learns how to push the desk chair (rollers) around the house. (Edit: I apologize for not having a picture.)

7:30 pm: Greg is tucked in for bed and Julie goes for a short run.

8:10 pm: Julie returns and I go down to the basement to lift. Today is barbell day: Squat (45x5x2, 135x10x3), Standing Overhead Press (45x5x2, 85x5x5), Deadlift (135x5x2, 185x5x3), and a chin-up. I may have hurt my neck doing the chin-up.

9:00 pm: I've been getting texts from tomorrow morning's running partner (Will) but I can't answer them because my phone is alternating between ignoring me and freaking out and pretending I'm randomly tapping and swiping the screen. I send a "confirm" text to Will using Julie's phone.

9:30 pm: Julie is tucked in and I help myself to some granola and dark chocolate almonds. All that remains is to push up a blog and then my evening is clear for some SPAZ (indie PC game, Space Pirates and Zombies).

10:10 pm: Blog is done! Have a great day! Or night and then day. I want you to have at least 15 hours of continuous waking greatness. Actually more. Just, well, take care!


Mickey said…
Glad your blog is alive again. I always enjoy it!

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